Adorable Hamster Voice- Hamster Tales



Adorable cartoon Hamster Voice done for \"Hamster Tales: Adventure of Humpty and Dumpty\", a wonderful story written by 11 year old Freida Bomshteyn.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Child (5-12)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hi, My name is Humpty. I have a sister named Empty. We hamsters live with the Goldstein family. Lately, our human owners have been acting very strange. Usually, Adina leaves home in the early morning to go to school and returns home in the afternoon. Now no one leaves the house. The five Children are going crazy from boredom and we hamsters air getting a humongous hamster headache after Onley. Three days the Children got worse. They were jumping on the sofas, smashing the windows and making a giant rack all over the house. Finally, Mommy came to the rescue. She called her idea the best idea ever. Unfortunately, she had the worst idea ever. Why don't you go play with the hamsters? She said with a smile. I bet they're very lonely. Me and Dumpty shivered and fear in the corner of our cage. 21 t Oh, it was uni, the youngest of the family and biggest hamster. Torturer. What were we in for now? You only brought the cage to Mommy month. He commanded. I go. Shandy has toe watch you. Mommy did go to her. A few minutes later, 10 year old Shandy popped her hand into the cage. She was holding her favorite treat the veggie sticks while climbing onto her palm. I felt the only fingers touch my delicate for Wanna hold? He shouted angrily. No, no, said Shandy sternly. I scurried up and down. Shane, these arm, Why don't you sit down and I'll put Humpty on your lap? Yeah, said Uni Shandy softly placed me on your knees lap. I looked up at Yoni, Herbie, Herbie, he said, Every single time I tried to move, Yoni would burst out laughing. It tickles. It tickles. He would cry. I place my paws over my ears. Oh, dear, my poor head. After what felt like a year Shandy came. She scooped me up and put me back in my cage with Dumpty. Okay, I have to admit it with Shandy watching us. It was actually fun to run around Yanni's lap and tickle him. If only he didn't scream so loud. Lately, I've been hearing a lot of interesting words. What did the entire hamster universe does coronavirus mean or co vid? 19. This is all too much for my little brains dictionary. I'm starting to feel dizzy all of a sudden, my world went dark. Where was I? Finally, my eyes got adjusted to the darkness. I went up to my sleeping place. There, I met Dumpty. What's going on? I squealed. I think all the lights in the house went out empty replied. It's called the light out or a dark out. I have no idea. No, I argued. It's called the blackout. Just then, merah the middle of the family came into the room. She sat down the food bowl in front of me and left. At that moment, the lights came back on. Then I saw something, two shiny eyes peeking out from the corner of the room. I shivered and stepped back next to me. Dumpty also saw it and jump back in fright. The strange figure gave a low growl. A small Scalea. Paul appeared. It was a beautiful sheet of purple with five shiny gold clause. A small fire suddenly emerged in front of the gauge, which was followed by a squirt of water splashed over the fire, putting out the fire and seconds and leaving a huge wet puddle. Things were getting stranger by the second