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human beings do not come with odometers. So how do you tell who is a serious runner way? Don't believe serious runners air defined by how many miles they cover in a week, they're defined by how important running is in their lives. It doesn't matter. You are you and no one else's. Unless, of course, you have an identical twin. And then they could always buy one, too. Toyota RAV four personalized license plates would be redundant, but everyone you come across seems tohave, a broad smile, a firm handshake and more than just a few good stories, just like you recreational vehicles. Wherever you go, you're always at home. So why reach for a bar when you can get hooked on something more refreshing? Gillette. Siri's body wash so much better than soap. You'll be hooked thin. Serve your masterpiece with a big bold smiled a one a marinade, a seasoning. Ah, 158 year old secret