Harrison O'Callaghan Commercial Demo

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Voices recorded personally, with royalty-free track backing.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Hey, Daryn, wait up, someone's moon like they've got somewhere to be. The world's gone mad with beautiful lies my dear sir. And I've never been happier. You can't feel my positive energy. I'm practically jumping for joy. Heavy is the head that wears the crown child. But heavier still is the head that is clean from one shoulders and now these bones of mine might be older, but that also makes some wiser or rather I'm wiser and my bones have aged to the degree of earth. The metaphor seems to have escaped me. Is anyone there? They reached back and they broke in through the front lines. Oh God, they come hold the line inadequate shot and I corrected. Did you really miss from this distance? Whoa. Hey, let's just have a shop here. Yeah, shoot the breeze. Take a break, not the face down the face either of you. Pretty pointy ladies, give us directions, Captain to captain. Oh well, don't worry. I still think you're pretty ladies and gentlemen, the bash brothers proudly present to you your victims for this evening's event. Get back the rig like a good sport and die already. Listen, I've been thinking in a pinch, it's probably better to have a lot of allies instead of being alone so we can be friends for now.