Soft Voice Narrations Demo Compilation (English)

Video Narration


Various soft tone narrations compiled together for Demo purpose only.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Indian (Hindi) Indian (Hinglish) North American (General)


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you never know what direction your ideas will take you or where your discoveries will lead, which is why our culture encourages divergent thinking and celebrates non linearity. World quant future faster people fled from the tar side as fast as they could, but others ran toward the towers. These were first responders, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency workers, hundreds of whom would lose their lives in an effort to save others. The constitution opens with the preamble, a sweeping introduction that describes the broader goals of the young country. The new United States sought to be a just peaceful and free nation, a government by the people for the people. The sections that follow the preamble are more formal, but for the framers, the 55 men who helped create and compose the constitution, these words were meant to be different 100 years ago, being a missionary meant quitting your job and sailing away forever. But today there's another way did you know God can use your work to make disciples overseas. Skybridge can help the loop can be used in both the supine and the sitting positions when using the lubo airway collar on a patient who is sitting upright, make sure to hold on both mandibles holders while tighten it so the caller would not push itself back. This is Ali. Ali likes travel, loves music, lives in Brooklyn calls himself a foodie. Today is a good day. His favorite artist release a new album plus his new headphones arrived right on time. The world is not short on challenges. You don't have to look far to find them. There are seven billion of us and counting seven billion people who need water, energy, schools, homes, healthcare, jobs, security and each other seven billion people connected by roads, bridges, rails, airports, seaports and a common desire to leave this world better than they found it. We share that hope. You live in a beautiful world, a world of people, the world of humanity, an entire human race filled with hopes filled with dreams. We come from every corner of the earth and in every color of the rainbow. Every culture has a history. Every person is unique. We connect, we weave together like a fabric. We stand together under the same big sky. The brain battleship U. S. S. I. O. W. A. Was ordered on july 1st 1939 commissioned on february 22nd 1943 and served our country for almost 50 years. She was designated the world's greatest naval ship because of her big guns, heavy armor, fast speed, longevity, and modernization flexibility, which allowed her to keep pace with technology.