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These are a few examples of my vocal range. I love the youthful and adventurous sound, as well as the darker and more sultry. I can do a variety of accents from British to American and Australian. I am happy to take on any challenge and strive for excellence in each role I take on.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Australian British (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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you make one mistake and people never forget it Seriously. I mean, yeah, Jack and me went up the hill to fetch a pail of water And yes, one of us fell down and broke his crown and yeah, yeah, the other one came tumbling after you leave home at six a.m. and then spent hours just exploring the world And you can fly Think of it unlimited freedom in a world where every moment is a day and every perfect minute Last month the name's Nimrod You You set my house on fire the other week. But it's okay. I'll put it out real quick. So no damage now divided Hodeidah is home to all sorts of beings, some pure of heart, others with no ill nor heroic intention and many with spirits of evil. This is where our story begins. Who said that? Who does come near my dad? You know who I am? I am Tom, the smartest, fastest and greatest alley cat of Rutland City. I've never been without my fairy magic. Oh, this is my worst nightmare. I just I just need to cross the wondrous woods and everything will be fine. Wow, That was quite a turn of events. But even though everything is going great, there's something missing. That's it. It's past five, and I haven't had any blueberry pine.