Instructional Video - How to make a Guitar Capo (DIY)



This was a voiceover I did for a youtube video teaching viewers how to create a home made guitar capo.

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Yeah. Need to play a song on your guitar in a different key. Can't find your guitar capo. Here's how to make a homemade guitar capo first. You need a pencil or pen, preferably with flat sides. Some rubber bands or hair bands and of course your guitar. Mhm. Place the pencil or pen on the fret. You want the caper one fold the rubber band in half to double it up, pull and drag the folded band behind the guitar and over the other end of the pencil. Play the strings of the guitar. If one of the strings does not sound right, add more rubber bands to strengthen the grip. Test each string again and adjust the capable position within the front until you get a good sound. Let me know if this helps you. Mhm.