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If you're interested in grip training and have already devoured my initial course on grip strength gorilla grip, but are looking for more. Well, you're at the right place first off. Congratulations. I'm assuming that since you've invested in this advanced course, you've quite obviously gotten past the 16 or so exercises and their variants that I've mentioned in the initial course. And that alone puts you into a very rare category, rarest of rare if I might say so, part of a select bunch of people that are always looking to improve, no matter how good they might get at something and that is how it should be. Remember, it's not impossible to master any exercise and the same thing holds true or doubly true for grip strength. And for those of you that think you've already got a rock solid cast iron grip due to hours of doing pull ups or lifting weights, think you've already got finger strength that is unrivaled amongst your peers. Well, that's great. But I guarantee you what I've got to offer you in this course will make you think again, my friend, in fact, I would be understating it to say that jaws can will and literally do drop. After doing some of the exercises I mentioned in this course, if just because of the way, they quite literally leave your forearms, fingers and grip, feeling like pulp, not to mention your shoulders, upper body and core, all of which get a better workout in ways different than you've ever gotten before.