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I write and record my own music, I am a vibrant and passionate man trying to spread the truth and fully utilize my abilities at every expression point. I mix and master my own audio. I have done a fair bit of engineering and am known to have a voice for every character trait possessed.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (Canadian - West) North American (Canadian-General) North American (General)


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I give my heart to the world. Yeah. No one can do better than me having getting high. They call it medication. They say I'm acting drunk. I said I'm getting wasted. This world is getting loud. I'm silencing these faces. The word is getting out that I'm sure to be impatient. I'm addicted to the cycle of the drink. Conflicted? Get a riot at the brink Steady miles when I Yeah, where they got my money go like dying is expensive When we like, give up and cope I'm trying to be respected Yeah, Everybody, listen. We are one and the same Yeah, Everybody living like they love to escape Hey, everybody different yet we hunt for the fame Not everybody's sick Like we have something to say. We've been punished by faith killing humble ones Brave filling Nothing for pain Guilty judgments Rename I'm the son of our space The artist flooding the wave Turning blood into pain Nervous substance with change I've been socially retired yelling at the world Yeah, hold on to desire Ever stellar since my birth Getting closer to the fire Feed it Let the growing birth yet I'm so fully and lighten still I get what I deserve. Yo, I gave it all away because I don't fear the truth Free my roots from the earth Y'all sleeping cocoons I'm the dreamer Aloof, heavenly speaking, the youth Yet I'm breaking life down Its complete by the rules. Yeah. Celebrating life, Yeah. Celebrating life. Yeah. Celebrating life. All right? Yeah. Celebrating life, Yeah. Celebrating life Yeah, I'm celebrating life Yeah, I'm celebrating life Yeah, Celebrating life Yeah, yeah, yeah