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British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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I'm quite happy with my job. Tom. Let's me get on with things he calls me when he needs me. Like when he saw the big order, and he wants to see if we can actually fulfil it. So probably calls a couple of times a week. Quick cools very focused. Normally, it works fine because I've been doing this a long time. Sometimes he forgets to tell me something I think he means to, but we don't have regular planning meetings, and I suppose it slips his mind. She put on a wrist. It keeps very good time, he said. You'll gain or lose only a few seconds each month. Why does it say quartz on the front? That's why I helped to keep time inside. There's a tiny crystal of quartz is connected with an electrical circuit that helps govern how fast the watch runs. It's the same as what happens in the digital clock in my study, he said. I swear by it never know it to be wrong by more than a few seconds. The Prince of Cumberland. That is a step on which I must fall down or also leap from my way. It lies stars Hide your fires, Let not light See my black and deep desires behind me Any shelter and you could see unease, right? If you got a suggestion, we want to hear it getting Yama. Let us know how you're being smart work and cheque out some of the ideas that have already been submitted.