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Character Role- The Principle. (Serious, Frustrated, Conversational)

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Voice Over • Podcasting


Role of Principle in The Others audio drama podcast, produced by Manic Bee Media. Tone- conversational, teacher, adult, principal, serious

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Your professor tells me you've been distracted in class lately. I'm not distracted. I'm learning to navigate. I want to be a navigator realized that everyone has their own unique ambitions. And since you're the only student in our program that must choose a career, you may feel a little out of sorts as if you've lost your way. Perhaps that's why you're so inclined toward navigation. But to be frank, it's not in your profile. So it is simply not an option for you. You may not be a goldfinger. No need for such colorful language. But you're also not. Let's just say despite your unique predicament, you certainly can reach a little higher. I know it's just what I love. Aaron. You're a bright girl. Is that a question? Your father is a powerful man. Despite the other limiting factors of your situation, you could have a respectable career on our new world. Very few people get that chance. Everyone is on your side here. Not every, pardon? You're not on my side. We are on your side. No, you're on his side. Who? My father's and he's not even on this ship. Learn to manage your time and keep NB at home. Downgrade requested. No, no, don't downgrade her. Please complete. Can I have my papers back. How are we doing? Oh well. Nd is down on the main ship. So I have to do the calculations manually. But we're way off course, impossible. Which everything you said and be cannot be down. We cannot be off course. There are backups on backups on backups for both. And no one can do that math without at least 1/5 generation nd focus on your school. And don't spread those rumors. I have an A an advanced math. The story of David's advanced bio, nuclear, differential quantum topology and thermodynamic metaphysics. Huh? I felt that three times in grad school, well, she has her father's brain. I wish she has her mother's temperament.