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James Patterson clip

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Excerpt from recent James Patterson novel

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US General American (GenAm), US Mid-Atlantic


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I picked up a few and stared at them and then at the nearby plants. I have no idea what these are but they shouldn't be here. I said, showing them to Mahoney ned turned up the magnification on his camera phone and aimed it at the fibers. I know what those are, he said within seconds you do. I have an old coco doormat in the breezeway at my place at the beach. It's made from coconut fibers, intends to shut his cage is popular in Mexico. I look about the wall so after they hacked the security system, the cartel hit man climbed the wall, tossed down a coco doormat and drop it on down. Then they jumped to the grass and across to the house. I pointed out the closet window and the door closet there or there We went to them and examine them closely. It wasn't until Mahoney did that nifty trick with his phone camera again that we saw the tiny nicks around the door knob in the deadbolt we brought in law often out and showed him the evidence and told him our theory after they come over the wall, one or more of them comes here Mahoney said, picks the lock while two maybe three other circles on deeds and cruise shoot him in the face and her in the back with pistols with suppressors. Then they're inside to do the rest of their bloody work. We're thinking they're out here in an hour tops. I said they probably walked right out the front date carrying that. Coco mat Mahoney said, arrogant bastards, Laughlin said, he looked at me, You might be right, you know, Alex.