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Three multi-character voice spots that I wrote and produced, as well as a news demo

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thing is Global Network news This bulletin just in a major crisis brewing in Italy as our European correspondent Robert four k reports head and rum that is shock and surprise as a little piece of Italy is actually disappeared. Yes, global news has learned that Dell's famous pizzeria and Italian restaurant has actually been able to bring a small piece of Italy right to the central coast of California. But the town of Shower Beach, apparently the New York style pizza pasta cow zone and the other delicious specialties, also authentically Italian at a small slice of this beautiful country as magically and I can't think of any other way to describe it, it magically moved to the central coast does open daily at noon. California time is open for lunch every day of the week. At 401 Shell Beach Road in Shell Beach called 7734438 when contacted by Italian authorities. How President replied, I feel your pain now past the pasta. This is Robert Folk, a reporting from Italy for Dell's famous pizzeria and Italian restaurant in Shell Beach. Hey, there, down here, pal. Yeah, it's me, your toddler just my voice shock. You have. You just not listening to me when you hear me say goo goo when I'm really saying is this cop it smells like rotten Pampers. Know what I mean? I mean, I would you like crawling around on your hands and knees on his rug all day? Yuck! Listen, would you just put down that baby food for a minute and call? Five cities came dry, please. Even the e p. A. Says you ought to clean your carpets every six months to eliminate mold and pet dander bacteria. And you got somebody dust mites running around down here. I started giving him all names. You hear me? Listen, if you call five cities came dry today. You could get 2 to 3 areas clean for only 69 bucks. 3 to 4 areas clean for 99 bucks, 5 to 6 areas for only 1 49 I wanted to call for 81 39 64. Write that down, cause I ain't learned how to yet. Okay. Called for 81 39. 64 Tri cities. Kim dry serve in a village in a poem. Oh, now, would you might check in my diaper, I think A little problem back here. Okay. Igor Eagle, When all you might pay for Lucky in my master, what is your wish? Go behold! My finest creation, Master. It's a pitch. An 18 wheeler. Diesel rigs. Very good, Igor. But I am. So what is it, Master? I need more party goer and I don't know where to find them. Love. Never fear, my master. I would collect all the party needed promise. Diesel incorporated in Santa Maria Brahma Diesel as parts for Detroit diesel engines. Mack Truck Wisconsin engines, John Deere Industrial engines, Addison Transmissions, World transmissions Parker Hannifin Fluid connectors and many, many more. Oh, Master, it's a diesel paradise. Thank you. My faithful Lucky. Now stand back egos and give my creation thanks to from diesel. Thank you. Re going Please don't kiss me, Master. You know how I hate that For all the right parts for your diesel rig count on Brahma Diesel incorporated at 16. 31 North Carolina drive in Santa Maria. Call 9 to 83806 Allegations of sexual assault that may include the use of a date rape drug Continue to surface from the University of Montana. Missoula Police Chief Mark Muir says that in addition to one woman who came forward last Thursday, you said she may have been physically assaulted. Investigators have also interviewed at least two individuals that are potential victims of sexual assault. Mueller says police investigators are still waiting for an official complaint before they can move to name a suspect or make an arrest. The University of Montana has launched its own investigation, headed by former Montana Supreme Court Justice Diane Bars. University officials have asked her to complete a report by January 1st. I Peter Christian with K G v o news.