Phenice Day Animation VO Reel

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Cartoon voices of all kinds! From the grumpy Granny to the moody Teen, enjoy the journey of Voices with Phenice Day!

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Young Adult (18-35)


US African American


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Hi, I'm Phenice Day and this is my animation demo. What have you got behind your back? Cricket a paintball gun. Well, well, well, I'm sure you wouldn't want your father to find out about this. What do you say? We make a little deal. Find grandma, some cookies to keep her mouth shut molasses or peanut butter. None of that. Crummy chocolate chips, garbage Margaret. Hold my calls today. I need to do some major bedazzle in. Oh, by the way, how's that list of my potential catchphrases coming. I'm running super low on whatever towards need bator. Titch up in here. Margaret like stat. Someone ate my sandwich. It was a label baldwin. It was right here in the fridge. I'm gonna find out who did this, don't you? You can get away with this. I'm gonna find out who it was and I'm gonna make you, I'm sorry mom. It's just that sometimes the desert heat, the isolation, the soul crushing boredom. I just want something, anything to happen around here. I'm too young for my life to be over already. Can you take me to the mall? Yoo hoo Huntington's. Oh, why? Thank you kindly. I'm adding a people person and I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. I live right next door with my twin Egan's Algar and papi. I do make a nice pot of tea. The secret is in the cattle, you know, as you can see from your test force class. Most of you have done a pathetic job. Just like every man in my life