Phil Oetiker Radio Commercial VO Reel

Radio Ad


A few minutes of my radio commercial voice acting work.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Senior (55+)


North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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Look around you. One in five Children in the US faces hunger. That's 13 million kids. It's not always easy to see the signs. But in America there are kids who don't know where they will get their next meal, let alone thrive in their lives. That's where feeding hunger. A no lunch can help together with local food banks in your community. We can make sure that Children and their families have access to nutritious food with your help. A child's next meal might just come from you. Me back in college. I thought I'd had my chance. Now I'm married, got a couple of kids full time job. But then I heard about these degree completion programs, flexible schedules, evening classes. They even took all my transfer credits and it's affordable too. It's like they designed them for people just like me. College. Yeah. It's worth it in a prosperous state where people have come for jobs and opportunity. But they've brought with them a plague traffic. It's spreading to every town, city and county. It cannot be contained, it cannot be stopped unless we demand it. Texans need relief alleviation from our suffering, improvement of our infrastructure. To protect the interest of taxpayers. Your voices must be heard. Texans for traffic relief. You outgrew your stroller. You outgrew your first bike. You outgrew your first car. That's why we don't make cars. We believe that big lives need the big cargo space of an Isuzu trooper. And if you outgrow 85 cubic feet of cargo space. Well, good luck Isu no cars this month at Northern Quest, we're giving away a gene. We are giving away a generator a day. 30 of these handy little suckers. So, when the power goes out, you're the luckiest dog on the block, you could even keep on recording radio commercials in your basement. How cool is that? Get one free entry daily and play for even more details at Northern Quest dot com. Ok. Yeah, it's true. I don't know anything about livestock feed. I live in New York City, but I've inherited an ability from my father. I can make people think. I know what I'm talking about. Just ask my wife when she's done rolling her eyes. She'll admit I can sell ice to the Eskimos after all. She said yes. What other proof would you need?