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I am fond of reading books loudly. I love to read both languages Hindi and English. This recording is about Bhagwat Gita chapter -2 ( verse -1) interpreted by Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada founder of ISKON.

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chapter two contents our Bhagwat Geeta summarized takes 21 Sanjaya said, seeing marginal full of compassion, his mind depressed, his eyes full of tears, mothers would not christmas spoke the following words material compassion, lamentation and tourists are all signs of ignorance of the real self, compassion for the eternal soul is self realization. The word is significant in these wars. Lord Krishna killed the demon mewtwo and now original wanted Krishna to kill the demon of misunderstanding that had overtaken him in the discharge of his duty. No one knows where compassion should be applied, compassion for the dress of a drowning man. It's senseless. A man following in the ocean of Nissan's can be saved simply by rescuing our poor address. The gross material body when it doesn't know this and laments for the outward dress is called a sutra or one who laments unnecessarily original was area and this conduct wasn't expected from him. Lord Krishna, however, can disappear the lamentation of the ignorant man and for this purpose. The was sent by him. This chapter instruct us in self realization by an analytical study of the material body and the spirit soul as explained by the supreme authority. Lord Krishna. The serialization is possible when one works without attachment to fruit to desserts and it's situated in the fixed conception of the real self