A sci-fi audiobook I narrated in American English

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Here is a snippet of a a sci-fi fantasy story/audio book I narrated with other actors.

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Conway Conway Conway. Goddammit. I want a status on the fuel reserve. An engine Conway. I read you. How's the bridge looking captain? Looks like a bomb went off. What's the status on the fuel reserves? An engine About the same at the bridge, sir. We're dead in the water copy. You have lost anything from the jump. Medical is shattered. Haven't been able to reach Rasmussen comms are still attached, but we only have long range signal, operational tech, greenhouse stasis, sir. I need you to understand. I am not getting readings from those days. We'll have to suit up make sure the whole connectors to those bays are active and prepping oxygen transfer all to be. No, David. I'm not getting readings because they aren't attached anymore. They're gone. Check every hole read out. You can. We need to find any breach nearby and seal it up. Any update from navigation. Holy sh IT Jeff is still up there. We have vital readouts from his FTl pond. Mayday. Mayday this is U. C. E. A electrical engineer. Mass. Dean. Can anyone read me? We have a mechanical failure aboard the U. C. E. A. Open heimer that needs immediate repair. Thank God. Conway. Can you patch Dean into this channel on it? Desperate need of repair. Mayday. Mayday. Dean Dean. What's your status? You are music to my ears. It ain't good captain. I'm not sure where we went wrong, but hopefully we aren't far enough from earth to get evacuation support. There's the million dollar question. I'm gonna switch the navigation channel and try to get on the line. I need a status on all current circuits still connected and operating functionally Conway. Oh my God, this is the best first day I could hope for. You Got it, you got it switching over to navigation channel. Tamiko Jeff, Jeff. Are you there Jeff? Are you there respond, respond Jeff? Are you there respond? Respond. ******* Conway. I'm not getting anything. I'm going up to navigation to see if Damico is okay. Dean, Can you keep me away from any breaches using the electoral readouts? Can't can do captain switching back to engineering channel Conway. Reach out over the long range and see if we can get a ping. I'm not sure how far out we are. But if we can get anyone, it's better than nothing.