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Character reel. Russian soldier, Pirate, Chupacabra, Doom Cock, Battle Wizard, Norse General, Drill Sergeant, Evil Nerd

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Rex Anderson. We are holding outside. But those blessed it ordered hustlers are a menace. I Yeah, you rat eat in shock with millions of Rufus. I have nothing to discuss with parasites. What do you just call May, Son? I'll have you know, I served in no fewer than four wars, 16 military operations and at least three dozen domestic disturbances. Soul is mine. He was betrayed, brother. And his final wish was the end of this damnable war. We must train ourselves as warriors and steel ourselves for the coming battle and raise up an army of light. Not such a bad guy. People just keep slipping on banana peels falling off my knife. I think you're afraid of smallness. I think you're an elf fo you. Give me all you got, Private. Come on. My grandma's tougher than you. Well, it's not too late to make him disappear out late. What do you get? One, The bath. A bad ical. Odds are extremely a favorable for you.