TV Narration 2019 - Engaging, Laid Back, Witty, Hip

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Rex Anderson's TV Narration demo. Produced 2019 by J. Michael Collins.

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tension between the Wehrmacht and the dedicated Nazis was well known. Most of the German officer corps predated the rise of the Third Reich. And prior to 1933 many of them belonged to a variety of political parties that were now outlawed in Germany. Leading generals saw Hitler on his rabbit gang of S S s a storm troopers as interlopers. This reticence would prove to play a critical part in the Allied victory. It was becoming clear that this house had more problems than the inspection reports suggested a little mold here. And there was one thing. But as Laura came face to face with a nest of four inch long would spiders, she began to wonder if her nerves would survive the renovation. Tim Clark seemed like he had it all. Those who knew him described him as charming, diligent, honest and considering a 20 year airline pilot and a decorated war hero, Captain Clark was the pride of United Airlines. But detectives were beginning to think there was more to this pilot's story on his Boy Scout image would suggest, Was it possible that Tim Clark was one of Dallas is most prolific drug kingpins what happens when Jersey Shore meets Shanghai? Nobody like that. We're about to find out. It looks like Joe and the boys are a little confused. God, China is not the most English friendly country. And with their accents, even the locals do understand. English are having trouble figuring out what these Jersey boys want. Look, here's a friendly policeman. Surely he'll know where the guys can score. Right Way mentioned that the penalty for being caught with marijuana and China could be as much as 20 years of hard labor. Looks like Tommy and Mike. You're gonna ask him anyway. He started out as TV's bad boy heartthrob. Don't call me sport, all right. I hate that smoky eyes and an attitude problem propelled Johnny Depp to the height of teenage stardom. Just enjoy the ride. While it's going tonight, we explore how this smart mouth rebel came to be taken seriously as a Hollywood leading man threw away all the rule books and evolved from a pop culture punk. I'm captain Jack Sparrow into a widely respected actor