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This is an audio storytime version of my first time drawing a nude model in art college

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Hey, what's up your boys up? It's so sad sketching. How you doing today? All right, so, let's get this story over with uh I do a little art series that I call art school tales where I just talked about all the crazy mess I experienced during our college, that was like years ago now. But oh my God, dude, I had a really weird experience, man. But no, this isn't so weird. But for me, it really was well on a personal level, because here's the thing. All right, you've ever heard about art college or little tales of our college? There's one thing that's all true, confirmed they really do this. Have you ever done nude art before? I mean, that's just new art. I mean, like a live nude model, but as naked. Fast, naked, I'm just saying like it is, but ask naked booty out cheeks out. Dingy dangles out boobies or man boobs out everything I can see it all live now. I actually have to uh Commend some of these people because seriously, they gotta stay in the pose for like 30 minutes to an hour straight, and they can keep that polls, man. I don't know how the **** they do it though. They were doing it like Mhm. They'd be doing that for like 30 minutes to to 40 minutes still. They just keep that pose. I'm dead as serious, man. You think I'm joking? Take one of the classes today, I guarantee you, although it probably wouldn't right now because well, they might I don't know because you know, varies varies, I can't say the word, but you know what I'm talking about? Various, yeah, virus will say that good old ovaries, Omi Omi omi spreading fast. I remember when I was doing it first time I did it, I uh, on purpose because I was just so embarrassed. I've never seen a live new model before. That's just weird. I've seen people, I mean, you know, obviously I've seen naked before obviously, but like a live model nude that was different. That was a different experience altogether. Live in front of you. Like it's so awkward. So I got my easel board, I got my pencil or pen whatever and my drawing board. I mean like all real and I could, I almost couldn't do it. I had to like kind of ******** myself. I had to force myself all around here is like making like fantastic drawings. I'm just like really embarrassed. I'm like, I don't know about this. I don't know about this. I don't, I don't, I don't know, but I'm just sitting there being super nervous like drawing because I mean, I never do a light amount, like I said for it. So I drew them, the teacher got mad at me because I always avoid drawing the genitals, you know, the, you know, dickie, the JJ, all that stuff. I can say the words, but you know, youtube is kind of kind of picky. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna use the PG words, you know what I'm saying that I could say the medical word. But you know, youtube is kind of weird like that so we won't do that. I'm not going to test the youtube algorithm. Gods. Okay. I'm not testing it today. I'm not I'm not doing that. You can test you can use your ask and my black cat scan. Alright, we ain't doing that. No, no, no no, of course in the background while I'm talking about this. You see me doing design right now. I don't know what it is. It's like I'm recording this way in advance so I have no idea. But most likely it's something that I'm talking about. It will not be a naked person. I promise you that this time, enjoy your watching today. I want you to do is uh if you haven't done already, subscribe to the channel and by the way, share my videos out by the way, share my videos out please. I want you to share them out best you can. People got to see this. If you re elect my designs, you like my channel a whole lot. I mean like a whole lot. You can also join the channel. It's like it starts at 99 cents bro, 99 cents. That's it's a bug, barely a buck, barely a whole dollar. Why not get a shot, man, I promise you I'll make it worth your while. I promise I'll make it worth your while if it's not worth your while. Tell me tell me the comments. I will change it up right there on the right at right there. Go ahead and challenge me dead as dead as I will change the spot. Dead. Dead. Dead as dead as dead. Yeah, don't stop saying that right now. All right, by the way, uh I'm gonna have my information for my Patreon and my website flying across the screen right now. I don't like repeating them. Links are in the comments below or links in description below. It's right there. I leave it there all the time. So don't forget to uh if you haven't done already by now. I am being sponsored by Campbell Pro camera pro. Let me give you a free 14 day trial. I want you to try it out campus awesome. If you haven't tried camel ready for love of God, why haven't you use my link by the way? It will help you a lot. Just give it a shot man. Will help you. 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