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My review on the movie Encanto that was released by disney

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no whoa, whoa, Hey, whoa, Hey, how you doing today? I am going to be drawing in Kanto in Kanto. Hope I said that right. I hope I said that right. I don't look it up. I'm so sorry. Hey, how you doing? This is uh Sullivan, so start sketching today. We are going to be doing a little design for Encanto. Encanto is from Disney not Pixar. I know it looks like Pixar, don't it? It really do. It looks like Pixar right now. Do. It really is like Pixar right now. It really does. But no, no, no, no, this is actually Disney straight up. This is Disney what they did with this is kind of interesting. So this is based in Colombia is about a magical family. Okay. It's a magical family. So less harry potter more I guess kind of like what is this? What would you compare this to? Actually? I don't want to see the island's family. That's that's that's not quite right. I would compare it to Pixar's Coco a little bit. I mean it kind of like Quebec stars Coco minus the data, that thing. No, no data. That stuff. I promise you. I promise promise No, no, no, no. Today is okay. Now that ship, this is actually a really good film man. I was, this took me back a little bit. I watched it on Disney Plus and I wasn't sure what to expect on this. I just know it from Disney. I knew that much. I'm like, I guess I'll give this a shot. Looks okay. I guess I went from watching going like this is okay to oh this is really freaking awesome man and yeah alright. The main stories about this girl Mirabelle, that's her name, believe and she has all magical family. They live in this village where they depend on the family because keyword their magical, they got powers. Everybody in the family got powers at least most people have powers in the family. But mirabel is the unfortunate uh she drew the long straw and didn't get any powers whatsoever. It's that kind of story, is that kind of story? Yeah and what makes the film kind of interesting to me is not just the animation but yo the music, oh my God, the music bro, pressure, Bruno, we don't talk about Bruno, we don't talk about Bruno, whoa, whoa yo man, let me tell you this, this is like this movie is a trip though because when you watch it, what you really understand is you see Maribel's like frustration, she's like it doesn't bug me at all, none of this is all that's not really important. Important is family and she's right but you can see it in her face, like the movie doesn't have to say it, you can see it in the girl's face, she is so frustrated, it's not even funny man, it's like no nut november for Mirabel, I'm telling you man, there's no nut november but it's magic for him, oh my God dude, she she is tripping but yeah oh my oh the characters, you know the characters, that's a really good character in this film but what goes on in the film, this is not really a spoiler to kind of tell you in the trailer anyway, throughout the film, Mirabel notices that the family candle, the thing that seems like I guess power their powers I guess you could call it, it seems to be going out for some reason and they don't understand why it's just it's weird, it's like something bad happened over them and they're trying to figure out what's going on and the family is like you expect the family to like someone losing are suddenly like losing their powers or the power's going wonky or it's like mental, it's all up in their head mostly, but it's enough to kind of like messing up bad and Mirabel seems to be the only, she seems like the, but I'm getting the hint is she seems to be the glue of the family, that's what I'm understanding and I can see it though, you can kind of see it, she holds them all together to make sure that they're doing what they need to do in this picture right and do right now, I'm making sure I'm drawing like each member or at least like the core story members, it's actually way more family that I'm drawing right now, I'm just keeping the sketches but oh my God man, it's a really beautiful film, it's well done again. The score is excellent, really good voice acting all around. This might be one of Disney's best musicals in my opinion, one of the best music of all time. It's a really fun musical. You get to experience like, I guess how, how they lived in that village and whatnot. And you get to understand like what, what's really going on Maribel's head right now. She's like, she's, she's really up in her head. She man, she that girl, isn't she? She she run the end of denial over in africa. Alright, that's how bad is this girl, but I understand the character, I fully understand the frustration all that. I mean, come on. I think we all kind of been there at least once in their life or maybe more than once. I don't know, but I want to say if you have not seen this film yet and you got Disney plus go ahead and just go and watch it. Watch it again. By the way I did, I watched it twice. It's it's good, it's a good film. It is, it's a good, I'm also trying to voice and spoilers here because I want you to actually, you know, go watch the film, go enjoy everything. I just told you it does not spoil anything at all that kind of telling the trailer. So you know, it's no big deal for me. But yeah, I want to get out of this is well. First off, I want to tell you about my sponsorship with Campbell. Campbell Pro women Pro is free 14 days. If you use my link, it's going to be in the video here or descriptions below the video. Either one, it's flying somewhere. Also, if you hang around this long with the video, I appreciate that. Please, if you can, if you haven't already subscribe to the channel, I appreciate you didn't really enjoy it though. If you really want to help out the channel, by the way, you can always go join the channel, join our membership is 99 cents bro, 99 cents. We'll start with that nonsense. Anyway, I'll let you read through it. Just read through it this little joint, but at the bottom screen, just check it out, see if it's for you, but it will help help me out. Help the channel. I want the channel to grow the channel grow a little bit. If you want to know that information from my Patreon, my website, I just have a flying across screen. I repeated so many times now and also the links again, descriptions below. Just check there. Just check there so you gotta do anyway. I'm sure you're getting tired of me talking. I just want to see me draw some pretty pictures. I know you don't want to draw pretty pictures, right? I know you do. You want to hear this black man talking all day about by some Colombian family day with magic? But I will I will I we anyway, I'm gonna peace out of here because I'm going to record more videos today. Hopefully to be really great and come out this week in the next week. That's fine. Either way, we're good. Alright, Take care. Bye. Beautiful Day. People, Soul Star is out peace.