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Okay so what's up with your boys? So from so start sketching and doing today in this video. I am not gonna be sketching anything today. I'm gonna be talking about something because dude this this hurts me bad. Alright come back a little bit. So there's a comic out called the Savage Dragon. It's been around since like 1991 or 92 something like that. This was established around the same time that image comics came out. All right follow me so far. Yeah. Alright yeah so this comic is I'm sorry I mean because this comic is uh this might be the most cringe is peace of media I've seen in a very long time. It's not good. I'm not being cute here. This is you know what I mean? Like that's what it is. That's the way I can describe it. This is not good. No no. Okay so let me break it down for you here. Savage Dragon back in the nineties. It was his own cartoon at the time as well. It was actually very popular. Image comics. A lot of people knew about this comic. I mean it was goodbye Erik Larson. I might have his face classroom screen somewhere. We'll see if I can get a picture. He is the writer the creator And the main artists for savage dragon since the 90s. He's been doing this comic for 30 damn years. 30 years. 30 years straight pretty much consistently and just like I mentioned before giving a T. L. D. R. This savage dragon is a strange dragon scaly humanoid being who was dropped on someone's doorstep at the police station in Chicago and they liked them so much. They decided just to go and make him a cop because it's very intelligent. He could adapt very quickly. I mean it's the basic superhero type character arc type. You know what? David was kind of like uh like luke cage in a way. So he's bulletproof, he's got a lot of strength and he has a little added feature of being able to heal himself and heal others with his blood. Okay. Alright. Got that. You got that. Alright what's unique about this comic is not only the characters in it but the fact that the comic runs in real time. So in the comic book that's still running to this day, Savage Dragon 30 years in the comic is exactly 30 years. Follow me right now. What I'm trying to say is you follow about 30 something years of this one character's life in real time and the creator he likes to put in like real life stuff like actual celebrities in it or political figures, things like that. I mean that's fine. It's his own thing. Okay and everybody asks image comics has nothing to do with marvel or dc. No none of that stuff. No it's his own separate universe. Okay that's his own thing. That's fine. That works but we got no no trouble with with who is better than who and all this nonsense. Don't worry about it it don't matter. It does not matter. This is a different universe. Doesn't matter now. Here's where the problem starts coming in with this ticker comic. See over the last roughly 10 to 15 years there's been a huge decline in both the writing and the art. Both both of us has suffered greatly. Oh my God it's so ******* cringe. E. O. It sucks. Okay it really sucks. I could probably show you some examples on the screen. I probably am. Isn't that right? Editing? Yeah you're doing it doing the thing. The finger acts. Yeah. Alright don't with me man I'm asking. Yeah this this comic used to be decent. I mean it's like a fun, you know action adventure type comic. We follow this guy's life in real time. This green dude who's kicking ***. He's not the whole like he's Mark luke cage to be honest. He's closer to luke cage. So I basically call Andre Black, he's basically black, he's got a black girlfriend, everything and throughout the years even got his son who later becomes the new savage dragon. His son takes his place in the comic as we speak the sun. It's a brand new main protagonists and so called Savage Dragon. Same premise, he's still cop and all that stuff so okay fine. Over the years before I show you this comic and review it, he's uh got married to his girlfriend. He has got kids of his own now. They got kids now, they don't live in Chicago anymore. I live in Canada because of all the hoopla of 2016, but I have to even explain 2016 to you, I think if I have to explain it to you seriously? Really? I gotta explain 2016 all the political bs all just everything about it, just everything in general. I'm not I'm not going through that. There's one thing was keeping my channel. Is this no political ********? Alright, None of it. I'm not bringing any political nonsense whatsoever. I refuse. No, no, I don't care what you say or think No, I'm not bringing that here. This is a neutral ground. All right now it's going to the city comic because oh my God, it is ******. But don't worry, I'll explain most of it as I go through it. All right, okay, all right, so let's go over this comic. This piece of media boy. Lord help me. Lord. Lord help me Lord Lord, Lord help me. Lord help me. I might smack a *** today. Alright, let's do this. This is Savage Dragon to 61. I'm not explaining anything that's happening this book. I'm gonna give you know contact if I have to explain every little thing that happens in this, we'd be here all damn day and I don't feel like Plus it's not even the good part. Alright, so on the coverage, you see right here, this is uh dragon at that time. At the bottom is his kids? The new savage dragon Malcolm candle candle candle. All right now let's just dive into this. I cannot show you everything that's going to be in this comic because I might get copyright claim, this is still you know media, so I can't just you know, show that ship. Okay, I can show you some of the pages though, it's not everything, but I'll give you a little context is going on, but not not much, very much to explain anyway, it's it's confusing even I try to explain it so na **** that, we were just gonna ******** this. As I mentioned, Father son got it, Daddy son, papa, little nino got it, got it, you got it. Okay good, let's let's go through this savage tracking by Erik Larson letters, but the blah blah blah blah blah, no one cares. Okay look Erik Larson is a little small team alright, but mostly just Erik Larson, let's be honest and I don't start trying to shoot on Erik Larson and his his work even though I kind of am right now, I am kind of roasting it but I'm doing this for a reason man, I'm disappointed, I am disappointed. This would be a fantastic book at least a pretty fun read now. It's just I don't know what the funk this ship is anymore. Let's just go through real quick. This is the first ******* page, you saw a page opening like this. What the **** would you think this book is about for real? I'll be like, what the fund is going on in this book right now, man. Uh You know what What? He 86 the kid, what the **** you see this? He ate. Look at that as graphic. As fun. To look at this. His shark man. Just straight up 86 this kid, an old man straight up first to pay the shock value. Of course. You know what? That's no problem. This book, they're trying to be shocked stuff like this. Like you're showing it by the way, I'm gonna stop anymore longer than that. Youtube has slapped me with a copyright claim. I don't want that ship. I don't want that. But yo man, oh this is uh this is not good. No. And of course, by the way this comment tracks reflect the real world too. So you'll see people wearing masks right now because you know the C 19, you know, C 19, I think we all know C19, don't we? I'm not going to say it, but you know what I'm saying? The Cough Cough. Yeah, yeah. You know that's what I was wearing a mask right now on the count. I'll give the give the man some credit. At least he's trying to be responsible with the real world and show people wearing masks. I mean, Yeah, this is how the world is right now at the moment is what it is. Oh let me explain. This is Malcolm by the way and it's super horny wife, I don't give a show what her name is. Also want to call it that that's what she has an entire comic. This this asian chick right here who looks like she's about 16, she's in her early twenties, maybe mid twenties. She is a horn dog. Okay this ***** wants to fund everything, everything you got PP. She wants to sit on it, get me, got her face, she wants to sit on it. Follow me. Yeah, that's how horny she is. This woman has kids and she still talks like that ship but it looks like a horny, horny frat girl every time she got kids, she still talks like that around them. I'm like funk *** now look they were just at a hockey game now, it's just over to another scene. Different characters. No one gives a short about Anyway, you don't care what's happening. Do you look at this? No no no. Okay, so this is no superhero that's taking care of their kids right now and just I mean dude, this comic happens a lot, just random attacks. This happened in the comments as well. Just just a random attack and just get attacked all the time because they're famous because the famous famous heroes. Okay, fine, I get it, no one's gonna attack you but really your security system is that ****, you got the ********* security system ever that it is that easy man. For real, like I know you're supposed to have action your comic and all, but it does have to be a fight in every damn comic. You can skip the fight sometimes it's okay to let the characters grow. But yeah, I was talking about earlier, the corniness, look at this man, she's like biting his ear and ship, she wants to d she wants the dragon de bad and yes, sometimes it's comic, they do show nudity. If I see Nudie pop up in here, you know I'm gonna cut it out and editing, nope, I ain't showing that, nope, nope bad. If I saw a show kicking capitated at least the kid wasn't real because oh my God, that's horrifying. Oh my God. Oh my God, look look what she dressed. Okay, I'm not gonna start chamber too hard because I do know girls who just or stuff like this all the time, but lady, it's like 20 degrees in Toronto, What the are you wearing? I'm not gonna show you what you're wearing, but just know girl, it's too damn cold. Seriously? That's my girl. Like puzzle ******* pants woman, it's cold out here, I don't like pants pants, it's cold, it makes no sense now that's more what what's the scene just jumping in and out of scenes at random, you see what I'm saying? They're just not visiting his dad and his girlfriend by the way, where the original main characters of the series **** me I guess, I don't know. Yeah, it's just jumping in at scenes, so it's one scene jump to another scene that kind of framed all that. Yeah, it's stupid. This is what we're supposed to have their kids right there. That's one of the kids charming, very charming. Well it's kid whatever, but yeah, they're talking about, I'm not even kidding you right here in this scene, they're talking about getting vaccinated. So here's my problem is comic C19 doesn't actually really work so well in this universe. I wonder why because Malcolm's blood right here, Malcolm, the main character, his blood can cure virtually anything. I mean anything this real world bias we're having is complete bullsh it next to the blood, his healing blood, okay, his blood is so good at healing, it can virtually, he'll virtually anything. All he has to do is just you gotta get judged by his blood. Boom, you're healed up, you might you might die to those 50 50 chance, you might die. But I mean, at this rate, all you gotta do is just keep getting his blood to everybody and most likely they're going to survive. I'm saying the logic of our real world pandemic right now, it's kind of nothing compared to the rules of this world. So what I'm saying. So it's a good message about, you know, getting vaccinated, but it's kind of asked backwards when it becomes obsolete in this particular setting. You see what I'm saying? Give you some context here. It doesn't make sense. Is what I'm trying to say. I'm like I get what you're trying to do. Try to be responsible but that don't make ******* sense. It don't make sense. Oh here's the part that made me want to make this video in the first place. This part right here right there. It just made a little P. S about getting vaccinated. Then he tells his friend like you get vaccinated. Like no I heard I heard that vaccinations not always work sometimes get vaccinated. You can still get it. Yeah that is the risk. That's true. That's the risk. Remember it's not immunization, it's a vaccination. Vaccination means you get a better you know boosting the immune system, that's all Your museum is like it's more prepared for you know, things like pandemic viruses like c. 19. So what I'm saying, they make a pretty decent argument here, back and forth. I understand what you're saying. She's basically reflecting what people are saying back to him. The problem with this entire scene is forced. This scene is forced. This is a forced seen. It has no place in this universe. Okay if you want to make a comic about c. 19. Make a comic about just see 19. Okay. All right. You want to follow this doesn't work in this universe. It doesn't work. It falls apart completely. Erik Larson, You're a better writer than this. I know you are. I understand trying to affect the real world. I get what you're trying to do, but the real world reflection doesn't work so well in this context, You literally could just honestly pretend the world is like 2018. Again, I understand the message trying to you know, trying to bring, I respect that part, but at the same time, I gotta say this is bad writing, this is extremely bad, this is extremely bad writing, bad, bad ******* excuse me. I didn't cut so much. It's bad luck in writing. It is this ship does not belong in a comic at least not this kind of count. If you want to make a story about about this, you gotta make a story purely just about this has nothing to do with superheroes or nothing do with this particular universe. It don't work. It don't work. Stop stop seek help, seek help, blah blah blah, ******** happens, blah blah blah. No one cares by the way, I hate this letter page of his Alright, most a lot of comments have like letter pages where you know, talk to the writers and uh you know, people have done stuff and you know the scene just praising this guy, struggling his ego. I'm just shaking my head like dude, His writing has been sucking since 2010, his writing, his art. The concept alone does not work anymore, retire this comic book. It sucks. Thank you by the way, please describe the channel. You can ring the bell by the way and let me know how you feel about the form of this new way. I'm doing whatnot for reviews and speed paints and all. That's what I do. I'm a I'm an artist and also make sure that if you want to really help me out you can join the channel or you can join my Patreon, the channel or the Patreon and also check out my website as well when you can I want you to you know get it, you know what I mean? Help me out. I'll help you out. It's that simple. Help me out. I hope you, I'm gonna take care. Please go to the next video. Thank you. So start out.