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This is an earlier audio reaction of myself over the announcement of the Moon Knight series announced for Disney +

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Hey what's up with your boys? Up how you doing today? So let's talk about Moon Knight for a second. Moon Knight has been well announced pretty recently on Disney plus first off yo that trailer is fire and oh my god that trailer is so fire right yo look at it right now. My video go look at right now man I'm serious. Oh my God, so fire Dude it's a show it looks like a freaking movie. It looked I thought it was a movie. It's a whole show. Yo. Oh I can't wait I can't wait. I had to squeeze a little bit. I'm sorry asking a little piggy. But yeah case you want to know I am a freelance illustrators right now in the background so I'm probably jabbering on talking like an idiot right now just because I'm gushing over moonlight right now. Oh my God, Moon Knight. So explain to folks what Moon Knight is. I'm just gonna give the T. L. D. R. Version of this. All right because again it will take too long to explain the whole damn history. So we're gonna crush it down just a few minutes. Alright so Moon Knight real name Mark Specter suffers from D. I. D. The social identity disorder or multiple personality disorder. Pretty much the same same difference pretty much. He's a soldier. He's a social life, he's a cab driver. He's a detective and a superhero all at the same time all at the same time one by one all I just said it's his personality. Okay so we're doing a soldier, the socialite, the cabbie, the detective and a superhero. All these personalities maybe more than that, but I think there isn't a comic version, just like a few more than them. They all work together in his head. Okay. He's just in and out between personalities and most times he's not weird that he's doing it. It's one of those like he knows they're there and when they show up they kind of work together, you see what I'm saying? It's like you have a work but he just kind of shows up suddenly like hey I got this, he's like all right cool bro and that's about it, that's basically moving that right there, he doesn't have okay, just explain this part is kind of weird so he doesn't have powers per se but he does pray to this god called Kushner. Kushner is the Moon god and marvel universe and the power of Kushner makes you become a night, hence the name Moon Knight. So he kinda have powers but kind of not what I'm saying. So he goes to his superhero phase, the mentality of superhero that's moon night, you know what I'm saying? Moon Knight is like, he's basically batman but with like like enhanced everything. So thinking that it's like he's batman but with enhanced strength, speed and endurance. He also got little gadgets with like little moon crests, like like batman, you got moon crests, like battering, you get the idea right? He's batman just in white clothing, that's it. That's all I really can't explain to you on that part. You got it. Yeah, just like batman, he's got his own vehicle and stuff. And uh, he's mostly gonna be like one of those street level type heroes. Oh man. Like people watch out with this guy because the fact that he is, he has so many personalities at once that always works together. That kind of sort of works for him in his favor a whole lot. So the trailer that we saw, Mark Specter doesn't seem to know that he's Mark Specter. It's not right now. They call him that trailer, but he doesn't seem to know that. So my guess is probably wants personalities in charge right now. I don't know which one we don't know yet. Also suit came on. Different to suit, supposed to come like, like a regular suit like batman. So just, you know, clip it on whatever this suit is, like, it's split on like, like, like alien tech. I don't what this is. I'm guessing maybe it's alien tech or maybe nanites. I don't know. I don't know yet. We'll see when March and March pretty much because that March was talking about Moon Knight and by the way, I hope my version of the android right now looks slick as **** because I freaking love movie nights of my favorite characters. Okay, some of my favorite characters, but he has a character. I do enjoy drawing the crap out of. He's just he's just he's the most simplest basic design ever it looks cool as ****. I love it by the way he used to be uh he was an Avenger at 1.2 in the comics as well so don't be surprised he becomes Avenger leader and M. C. You don't be even surprised at all just saying don't be shocked by that. But I just wanted new superheroes coming out from the M. C. U. Version of marvel and I'm really interested because it's been about oh my god Isaac man, Oscar Isaac man. Oh my god I can't wait to see this. Oh my god I'm so happy by the way you want to get art for me. Make sure to go on my Patreon. Uh Go on my website as well. Have that flashing across the stream probably somewhere. Also if you really enjoy what I'm doing right now go subscribe to the channel, let's go and do it, scrapped the channel now it's fine. Yo man, you want some dough pass art, I'm gonna make some smartass comments dude, sign up, join us by the way, join us if you want to. That's what you really don't want to really want to help the channel. I appreciate you do have the channel will help me a lot. Like a whole lot if you don't want to that's fine. But I'm just saying if you really want to help the channel out that will help me greatly. But you want just stop. That's fine, too. That's alright. It's cool. We We're good. Right? We're good. Right. Right. Right. Okay. Yeah. Anyway, look out the next video I am out and I'll probably finish up the design right now. Alright. Peace. So start out. Mm hmm.