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Yes, your wickedness, Lord Ergo. I will not fail you. Not you insolent brat, you'll pay for this. You and your annoying beauty friends. I'll be back. I am Princess Nova Star the noble royal guard of the kingdom. Fearless, courageous and oh, honey. Is that fruit cake for me? Oh, you shouldn't have. Oh, hi, Mother. Fancy seeing you here. You're not here just to bully. I mean, see my husband again. Are you defense again? And with all due respect to my Lord, this plan has been proposed on several occasions. So you suggest that we waste our finest Veerman and remain vulnerable. Your pacifism will doom us all. Oh, look at Ray Ray and his new outfit. Look at me, sweetie. Smile for the camera. Don't tell your uncle that I'm gonna max his credit card again for you. Good morning, Maddie Waddy. Did you miss me? Hm. Why so sad? Why don't you give me a big smile. Now listen to your matt as your personal advisor and best friend. You have all the right to talk about how you're feeling. Just let it out if it makes you feel better. Even Lords need a break. Good morning Master. I presume you'll be spending your weekend reading your favorite novels. So I have prepared your favorite English breakfast, tea in the study room today. Oh, please master or I'm a Cyborg. I know what you're up to. Oh, don't worry. I won't tell your parents but be sure you do your study after you save the city.