Natural - Friendly, Conversational, Relatable, Authentic, Trustworthy

Video Narration


A smart, informative, engaging, sarcastic, vocal fry, sexy, sultry, friendly, positive, inviting, confident, upbeat, natural, conversational, sincere voice
Genuine, Playful, Friendly, Girl Next Door, Real Person, Charismatic, Believable, Articulate, Brave, Helpful, Amusing, Quirky, Deadpan, Monotone

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (Canadian-General) North American (General) North American (US South)


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Perseverance, integrity, resilience, the qualities of a strong woman are infinite and she can rock a great pair of shoes. Adidas.
Sure. I can put my kids in time-out or try negotiating with them. But the only way to win those pesky squabbles is with creamy kraft, macaroni and cheese. And there's a nice little bonus in it for mom too.
Escape the ordinary at every turn, take on the open road in the powerful new Mazda MX five Miata. Feel Alive. Did you know that there are over two million lovable dogs and cats just looking for their forever home? Search your local shelters and rescues to find your new best friend. Like I did shelter pets dot org. Hard Core beauty junkies. Get ready to glide on the ultimate glitter, create an unforgettable ultra-sparkly look for your eyes, face and body Heavy Metal glitter gel from urban decay. Apple has reinvented the credit card. It's simple to use secure and best of all responsible with your money. The Apple card makes just about anything possible. Plus Apple created it not a bank. So what are you waiting for?