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Hear characters from movies, cartoons, and popular TV shows. I perform parodies, impressions, satires and more!

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) North American (General)


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Well, hey, they're ready for some good news, bad news. Everyone, we had to make budget cuts and you're all fired coming this summer. Optimus Prime joins Dominic toretto in the fast and the furious good morning. Hello, cutie pie now, whatever your name is, get ready for the big surprise. I'm the party pooper. It's time for dodger baseball. The score is 00 at the 23rd inning. And I'm having breakfast folks. Spider man is a menace. A criminal. A clown in disguise. How much for these pictures? 300. That's outrageous done. Hey, peter, I don't think you've been given back to the community. Hey, everyone, I made a water slide in the house. Ah, Every single Jedi including your friend Obi. One Kenobi is now in enemy of the Republic. Smoke rises from the mountain of doom. The hour is late and Gandalf The gray comes to Aysen guard seeking my counsel. Tell me friend. Since when did Saruman the wise abandon. Reason for madness. I'll tell you something that's not terrible. When shock came in the league. He was the only guy I said, damn, that's a big dude, Jack. And that's exactly the kind of attitude that lost you. The Pearl people are much easier to search when they're dead. Life is cruel. Why should the afterlife being different. That's come to me. Branches