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Hear characters from movies, cartoons, and popular TV shows. I perform parodies, impressions, satires and more!

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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good news everyone. I've decided to create yet another character. Real good. Twice the pride double the fall. Hey everyone, I mean the water slide in the house. Uh, peter, what the ****? I really need to stop taking baths during peter shenanigans. All right, sweetie. You're ready to get some new rulers and pro tractors and some slacks. You're getting slacks. You were right about one thing, master. The negotiations were short. I heard you are the best bounty hunter in the parse IQ. Listen to me. There's something you need to understand now. Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station. Go on, allow me to do this. Mark Hamill's joker impression for you. Oh boy. You heard it? Another mickey mouse impression. Well, what else you got? I'm here to announce that king focuses on his way. You better have a good excuse for missing the ceremony today. That hairball is my son and your future king. Don't turn your back on me scar. Been looking forward to some good news Ceron and Sarah man. Not tightening the noose. But for all their cunning, we have one advantage, potatoes, boil them. Mash them. Stick em in a stew. Oh, what's the do room sir? Paul frank Herbert's and ruins it. Give it to us and rig along. Let them come. There is yet one Dwarf and Maria who still draws breath. Oh, you subscribe. That's great dot. You'll never catch me crabs. Not when I shift into maximum overdrive. Yeah, I knew I should have gotten the turbo. Dylan, your son of a *****. How are you? Listen here? If you want more impressions, just contact richard browning and he'll help you out.