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Here's to anyone who's ever looked up the airheads, the space cases live long and prosper, The flight fanatics, armchair astronauts and casually curious, Here's to those who know the thrust in Newtons of a Pratt and Whitney J- 75 Turbojet engine and those who silently ask what's keeping this thing in the air. Here's to those who can list the name, mission history and favorite breakfast of every Mercury astronaut and those who've ever searched for. How does a toilet work in space. Here's to the people who knew a P 38 lightning from a P 51 mustang and the people who thought those were the names of cars, those captivated by the miracle of flight and those who are just happy to make their flight. So whatever captures your curiosity or propels you to new heights when it comes to the sky, there's space for all of us.