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Zoho Books Explainer Clip by R. John

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If you run a small business, you juggle lots of important tasks. There's dealing with clients, advertising and marketing. Oh, and doing payroll. And look out. Here comes tax time. It's hard enough to keep just a few of these in the air because eventually something is getting dropped. That's why we made SoHo books. SoHo Books gives you all the essential features you need to manage and grow your business without making you pay. For all the complicated bells and whistles you'll never use from the simple, intuitive dashboard, you could easily pay bills, enter expenses and generate customised estimates. And by navigating to SoHo books Robust client portal, you can help grow your business by sharing recent transactions, accelerating estimate approval, capturing feedback so you can target areas for improvement. Clicking the banking icon will let you link SoHo books to your financial institution, allowing you to import and reconcile your account activity and get precise cash flow predictions and the best part SoHo books. Cloud based Secure Platform. But you do all this and more on the go with your mobile devices. Zopa Books makes juggling the work of your small business easier. Get started now with a free trial. Click the link below