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the island of tap remain was populated by the giant race of the series. People who also had colonies thousands of miles away on the mainland. Wilson's 1838 article notes on the indica of Cretaceous Gave them a height of 13 cubits or 19 ft. In other words, giants. Just like the praise ei of India Of the series and the remote er Indians. It is said that they are of gigantic stature, some of them being 13 cubits. High. McChrystal's 18 85 India, as described by Ptolemy, spoke of the tapper Bainian people, which he called the cell I whose heads were encircled with long luxuriant locks like those of women. Lardner's 1833 History of Maritime and Inland Discovery referred to southern Islanders which the Greeks called antipathies or antic phonies who took part in the trade carried on with the series. Through the north of India. The father of a man named radius accompanied one of these caravans and described a race of men inhabiting the valleys of the para promises who were of great size with fair complexions and blue eyes. He suggested that the people of tap remain were crazy in he asserted that the inhabitants were known as paleo goni, a name which at first glance appears to mean indigenous but was unquestionably a translation of polyp putra or the sons of bali for the preparation immigrations from the peninsula to the island of Cylon or tap remain plenty referred to the inhabitants of tap remain as the ancient Race