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Short clips of recent podcast series both written and presented by Rob Jones - Random News, Why We Love the Tang Dynasty, Classic FM Arts Daily, The Minhall and Jones Podcast, Why We Love the Song Dynasty.

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Welcome to Random News with your friendly neighbourhood news people Victoria Making and Bob Jones. We've both spent much of our professional lives sticking rigidly to a radio new script, but not in this podcast, where we take a trending Twitter news story and have a good old chin wag about it. In this episode will be introducing ourselves to the poetry of the tongue and discovering how it evolved over the 300 year life of the dynasty. I'm Bob Jones and in this podcast series will be getting to know the Tongue Dynasty and attempting to discover how, at its height it became possibly the Classic FM's Arts Daily Podcast in Partnership with Sky this weekend saw the premiere of Slide at the Ojai Festival in California. Like it's co creators and performers Cindy Eckert, Steven Mackey and the ensemble eighth Blackbird, it defies classification. Welcome to the main hall and Jones podcast, exploring food and travel with Anne Marie Menthol and Rob Jones. How much do you really know about China's Sung Dynasty? Maybe that it saw some of the most important inventions in the history of ancient China printed books, gunpowder and the magnetic compass. Today with all our science and technology We are still marvelling at the achievements of the Song Dynasty. Why we love the song Dynasty on apple podcasts Spotify, google podcasts, stitcher or wherever you listen Yeah.