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Netflix and chill. It's kind of become cliche, right? These things have a cycle trendy and edgy, then part of normal conversation. Man, your mom calls and says She's all alone on your father's poker night so maybe you could on Netflix and chill together. So we've decided that Netflix and Chill needs to die, and you get to choose what replaces it. Tweet your suggestions to at Netflix. And, yeah, Mom, I'll be a right over way opened in 1902 to make our city healthier. Over a century later, we've seen this city stand tall in times of tragedy. Today, Aziz, we face whatever tomorrow may bring way. Stand with you once more to ensure that we emerged stronger, safer and healthier than ever before. We are Cedar Sinai. It's one of those smells you never forget, like your first cotton candy or the gum from a pack of baseball cards. Dad's been gone for a while, but he world spice, and every time I splash on its classic scent, it's like he's here again, giving me a hug and a pat on the back. On my way out the door. Hold Spice, a family Classic. I take life seriously. My Spotify reflects that Tracy Chapman, Bocelli and Lonely Island. What? Sometimes you just need to be on a mother boat trick for just one more milers for their God and get another centers for the ones who don't believe in limits under armour built to make you better.