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Ross Griffin Commercial Demo Friendly Genuine Excited Young Male

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Voice Over • Television Ad


Various scripts ranging from a trustworthy voice for Fidelity to a youthful & energetic ad for Lego.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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at Fidelity, you get personalized wealth planning and unmatched overall value. Together with a dedicated advisor, you'll make a plan that can adjust as your life changes. With access to tax smart investing strategies to help you keep more of what you earn. Personalized advice. Unmatched value that Fidelity, you can have both. Inspiration is a lot like love. When you allow yourself to simply exist and to be present, it'll show itself to you in the subtle list of moments. Stop searching, be inspired Nikon, you earned it. We're here to make sure you get it. Quickbooks backing you the new lego city fire collection. You can jump into action and get the firefighters to the new fire truck. You can build the new powerful fire truck and race to the rescue. Arrive at the scene. You can put out the fire and save lego city. So look, Kay ken had a knack for finding gems on the waiver wire. So when injuries ravaged ken's team, he found the next big name player and little known running back PICO jones Parker Jankovic's jones parker enjoy the wins Kenny only you saw the potential in PICO jones parker do I have to say the whole name again? It's long