5 Character Voice Demo

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All voices can be edited in tone and delivery to fit requests. All voices done naturally.
Voice 1: Slithery villain voice
Voice 2: Average Joe
Voice 3: Children's show host. Can be played G-rated or R-rated
Voice 4: Internet personality
Voice 5: Slight Australian accent

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Vocal Characteristics




Australian North American (General)


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finally the sacred crystal is mine With this. I can wield an ending power. Now bow to your new master will face our annihilation still being the boys went down that a salty clam to watch the game. Let me tell you that place was backed with college gets it was a man house and it took us over an hour to get a table. Luckily most of the crowd left after halftime and we can finally enjoy the game and face Good morning boys and girls, Let's start the day by getting up and stretching, reach for the quells and shake up all your wiggly worms. Great. Now let's hop like a frog, ribbit, ribbit. Fantastic. Now we're ready to go outside and explore. I just wanted to let you guys know I've got this great new product that I found. It's called Shelly's lips sandpaper. I know it sounds crazy but it's actually really gentle and all natural. My lips are so sandy smooth and moisturized. Check out the link below to grab you around. Thanks. I'll see you guys in, me and my friends around the park kicking the ball around and these young lads challenged us to a football march and they didn't know that chris and I used to play pro. They don't stand a chance and left with their tails between their legs. I guess the old boys still got it. Uh chess