Self-Help Audiobook - Balancing The Wheel (Self-Help , Calming , Soothing , Emotional , Comforting, Grounded , Charismatic , Enlightening)



Balancing The Wheel
By: Dr. Daniel D. Sadigh

A self-help audiobook book written by the acclaimed therapist Dr. Sadigh.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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healing happens when the obstacles to the natural flow of the vessel are removed from its path, or when we change the position of our vessel to change the direction of our lights projection more clearly, we either find the source of pain and deal with it, or we look at it from a different angle and find other ways to identify the problems and remove them. You can be healed when you are able to resolve whatever took you out of your balanced flow and disconnected you from your inner joy. Your healing happens when you learn how to take care of your problems and see the issues in a different light. You heal when you join back with the ever existing and lasting light of creation inside each of us. It's then that once again, you find your equilibrium and live a happier life.