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Cartoon_Children Characters
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Louise-Jingle (Bob’s Burger’s): Child Characters Generation Y Playful Annoying Kid Brat Heckler Kid next door Animated Witty Wacky Amusing Annoying Antagonistic Authentic Attitude Believable Cartoon Know it all Dynamic Enthusiastic Genuine Bossy Snarky Quirky Confident Sarcastic Proud Singing Cute Funny Perky

Pepa Pig (Pepa Pig): British Child Characters Buddy Kid next door Kid Animated Youthful Authentic Attitude Awkward Believable Cartoon Sincere Genuine Passive Aggressive Quirky Cute

Fixer Upper (Frozen): Child Annoying kid Child Nerd Kid Playful Animated Amusing Attitude Authentic Believable Awkward Cartoon Singing Witty Upbeat Snarky Sarcastic Quirky Aggressive Mischievous Know it all Humorous Cute Engaging Energetic Funny Genuine

Lousie-HammerStore (Bob’s Burger’s): Child Characters Annoying Kid Brat Kid next door Kid Animated Youthful Witty Amusing Annoying Authentic Attitude Believable Cartoon Know it all Engaging Genuine Bossy Snarky Casual Confident Sarcastic Cute Funny Mischievous Perky Skeptical

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Child (5-12)


British (General) North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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That was really good. How about this one? Told you to break up corny. You know, I only like what? But I do miss Uzi a bit. Hello, Suzy. I'm sorry. I said you cheated, even though you did cheat here, Dad, you'll probably need here books. And if those aren't enough, hit yourself over the head with this, Uh, you would be wrong, Dad. Take it. Just take it. I don't even need it back. Just taking good fighting.