Cartoon_Mother Characters



Cartoon_Mother Characters
Sexy wife (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation Yuppie Soccer mom Playful Mother Housewife Flirt Animated Warm Authentic Believable Cartoon Engaging Genuine Endearing Flirty Internet Commercial Sultry Romantic Feminine Perky Flirty

Frustrated Teacher (Character I wrote): US New England Boston Providence US New York New Jersey Bronx Brooklyn Middle Aged Characters Generation Y Teacher Boss Animated Angry Antagonistic Authentic Authoritative Believable Cartoon Monotone Concerned Genuine Strong Straightforward Tough Cynical Funny Humorous

You’ll Be In My Heart (Tarzan’s Mom- Tarzan): Mother Generation X Authentic Authoritative Believable Attentive Cartoon Brave Calm Calming Trustworthy Singing Warm Thoughtful Sympathetic Sweet Soothing Sincere Reassuring Nurturing Natural Mature Caring Comforting Deep Engaging Genuine Endearing

Linda (Bob’s Burger’s): US Midwest Chicago Great Lakes North American US Upper Mid West Fargo Minnesota Middle Aged Characters Generation Y Soccer mom Mother Boss Housewife Animated Amusing Angry Authentic Believable Cartoon Dynamic Commanding Genuine Strong Brooding Tough Cynical Funny Humorous

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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the kids. Oh, the kids. I dropped the kids off it. Moms, I think we should do this weekly. I love that idea. Let's do that idea. I like you. We just discussed this for 45 minutes. Bobby, I'm not gonna ask you again. Ice here, Gina. Put that. Come in your mouth, Bobby. That's it. Sits down. Gina. Spit the gum out. Anyone? Does anyone know what carbon ISS comes? Stop your crying. It'll be. Oh, just take my hand. Hold tight. Yeah, She looks all right. So what if she's hot one now and I'm the one with the muffin top? So you think I have a muffin top? I'm going on that diet, Bob. And when I've done, I'm gonna look better than Gretchen. Skinny little sister.