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Three Sides of Me!

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Voice Over • Videogames


I wanted to show off the range of my voice...Commercial

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US South West (Texas)


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rules. Those little vibe killers can't wear this or that. Don't even think about wearing that. But curve shouldn't mean compromise. No more Squeezing in or spilling out way deserve more, much more loads. More lingerie that fits Now there's a plus styles We want the sizes we need And if we want it will wear it. Rules rewritten. Simply be school is full of lessons. And when you miss a day more than maths is missed its friendship missed confidence Missed Discovering you can be anything you want missed learning what you love Messed Girls who can't afford protection should never have to give this up because school is full of lessons and they shouldn't be missed Together we can help end period poverty when you buy Always protection we give to help keep girls in school always, Um, welcome, Fine ladies to your first session of the most coolest of game in the world. Bunkers and bad *** is as your bunker master. I will be spinning today's tale of fantasy. The world is on the brink of going boom, boom! This is our most desperate hour. Unless we make a stare, we're gonna die Now you arrive at the Docks, the Flame Rock refuge. This place used to be really nice until a handsome source around messed everything up. It's eternal night, and you hear spooky music in the whole area kind of smells like butts and dead people.