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your job is to walk into a hostile atmosphere full of unknown dangers. It's hot and hard to move or see much when you're sealed inside your bulky Hazmat suit. You stop for a moment to remind yourself of all the basics. It's your first day on a Hazmat team and accidents involving hazardous materials can be deadly serious. Breathe slowly, stay calm. Watch your gauges so you don't run out of air, become another victim. 13 years in this stinking joint. 13 long years now, I ain't gonna try and convince you. I don't belong here. I did the crime. I got the time. There ain't no one innocent in the game. Now, don't get me wrong, I ain't that bad personally. I think 20 years for a first armed robbery offense is a bit harsh, but I'm up for parole in a few months and you better believe I've been on my best behavior. Am I a rehabilitated man? Ask me again after my parole here. Einstein's theory of general relativity must be accepted in order for the concept of black holes to have any weight. The accepted construct of a black hole is such as an object approaches a black hole. The energy required for the object to escape continually increases until a point known as an event horizon. At the event horizon, escape is impossible. Time and space are distorted to such an extent that no amount of energy can keep the object from being pulled into the center. Hi, this is scott. Congemi. Thanks for listening