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This demo includes a variety of books that I've narrated, including fiction, textbooks, children's fiction, academic nonfiction, and historical nonfiction.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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the weather struck the mountains of Montana with a vengeance, A fierce bitter wind and a sudden drop in temperature brought thick falls of snow to the region Inside the store where he worked, Jack Murphy examined the Springfield M. He had taken in for service with admiration. While Sophia found that distressing, she was more concerned with the newly hired junior employees whom she saw joking and pushing each other around the forklift loading area. You know, she told Sanjay, I mentioned that the new hires are goofing off around the loading area and their supervisor just said that they work hard and need to blow off a little steam now and then. He said I should leave them alone. The texas ordinance of secession made it clear the federal government had become a weapon to strike down the interests and the prosperity of the people. There was no choice but for texas to dissolve the bonds of union after episode seven of potty mouth and Stupid aired on the cartoon Factory channel, Michael and I were summoned to Principal Ferguson's office. Do you think he wants you to autograph his schnitzel flicking? I'm with stupid t shirt. A major barrier to effective and ethical. Cross cultural communication is ethnocentrism, which refers to the popular tendency to presume that our own culture is correct and that other perspectives are wrong. Peter Peyton sat at the dinner table playing with his food. Mr Payton was talking about his new work project, but while Peter would normally be interested, he was too busy thinking about his birthday the next day. In the case of Kafka, we can again discern the ways Crumb enters into a reciprocal relationship with the texts he illustrates. He is attracted by a given literary figure because that author delineates themes that reflect his own philosophical orientation.