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I recorded, edited, and produced this segment for Bear Radio, with an emphasis on clarity of names of international podcast hosts, as well as indicating my interest, and enjoyment of the shows I'm introducing.

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if you enjoy beyond asian and you'd like to hear more stories being produced here in europe, then you'll be happy to know there is so much more where this came from, Bay Radio is Berlin's english speaking podcasting network and community and home to a number of incredible shows. If you'd like to hear more about the thinkers and creators who propel our culture, then look no further than Tante table. Tante table is Berlin's first english speaking podcast hosted by an all women of color panel. In each episode, the hosts, Rhea Ranjan are Megan and harry and Horsie Montceau invite special guests to the table to discuss everything from the breaking of stereotypes and assumptions about women of color in europe to travel, intimacy, friendship, bad dates and much more. Another favorite of mine is the first polish edition to the Bear Radio Family Stories from the Eastern West. This podcast shares little known histories from central and eastern europe that changed our world. There's their mini series, the final curtain that features personal tales from the eastern blocks collapse and they just dropped a brand new third season which includes stories from the exclusion zone of Chernobyl, The start of the 1980 revolution in Poland and a chaotic story of what was meant to be Europe's greatest science fiction film, join hosts, Nitzan Risner, Adam Drewnowski and Boychuk, Oleksiak as they bring each of these stories to life. Finally, there's writer and DJ Paul hanford and his podcast Lost and sound paul goes on a journey to uncover how people come together through music, honing in on the cultural hotspots of Berlin Kiev, and now, with the third season, remote locations across the world. He meets artists from a range of disciplines and explores themes such as the connection between music cities and identity and how music can play a role in our lives in the future. There are currently 22 podcasts and hundreds of episodes available for you. So head over to bear radio.org and get listening, mm hmm.