Video Narration


Demo includes a sampling of my corporate narrations.

Shows how I can deliver authority and charm, intensity and conversation, even some cheeky humor. I can make my voice be whatever you need it to be.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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It's about finding my sense of place, because what do I even know about the world I live in? I have to see it up close, capture it with my own senses. Otherwise, it's just ink on a page. Pixels on the screen. Two dimensions. It's wildly build powerful a es 256 encryption and biometrics into our products from the ground up and why we're working with Intel to go even deeper with Intel Software Guard extensions The agricultural revolution was born and a different kind of work with it. Primitives who clung to their hunter gatherer ways went extinct while the new leaders of agriculture became the founders of all the Earth's civilizations, the world's leading modern work management platform. Now you can connect work front with virtually any other business application, from I T to CRM to financial systems all in a few clicks. He dropped last minute. This needs to be done like yesterday requests on every member of your team. Kevin went from burning the midnight oil to Well, you remember the tent in the campaign. Oh, the campaign. It was both late and not what your boss had in mind in a world where companies need agility, speed and focus to stay relevant. Pork Front provides a smart, connected and agile platform, giving you a competitive edge to deliver the right work faster than ever before.