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introducing the Invincible from big. Why, it's a monster of a sandwich made with a pound of premium eats, a mountain of engines and a whole loaf of across the Italian bread. A new invincible only renewal by Anderson has the right windows for your home. Save $500 when you by eight or more windows or, say $300 when you purchase a Bayer boat research and technology alone or empty promises. But in expert hands, they could be life altering tools promised. Our is more than your community bank. It's our promise to help you reach your go, whether it's planning for retirement education, a new home or growing your business. Ah University. With more than 170 degree programs in the backyard of Fortune 500 companies where students prepare to be leaders in the workplace, this is Oakland University, Deloitte and Touche from Consulting and Solutions to Management and Accounting. But Deloitte High Tech team. Wait till you see how we can help your business run. Remember the holidays last year? Bet you love the shopping. Listen, guys. One word Jewelry from Sydney Crandall insides. You want to make an impression? Gets a diamond earrings. A necklace up the orthopedic speciality hospital. We can get you back in the game. You play is up to you. Uh, where's the microwave? While you were visiting your mother, I sold it. You sold it? A pretty penny for to see right now the Detroit News and Free Press Classified marketplace as a special private party. Write three lines for three days for just 1998. Is the TV all that's left? But don't worry. Heard from wind. I will be here at four to pick it up. Here we have a day in the life of Charlie, recent graduate of Cleary colleges. Direct degree program notices. Responsiveness. Charlie. Right here. We're making new with the boss.