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North American (US South) US African American


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nothing says vacation like a Caribbean island. Get away with Clearwater's tropical weather. Sweet fruits with coconuts Melt your stress away in paradise on the Caribbean islands My day is not an everyday I'm training for marathon. So that means eating healthy and two a day workouts. My thirst to win is what fuels me. What's your fuel? I'm baking a cake. I need bacon soda. I can use it for my heartburn exfoliation, insect bites and my armpits. I have multiple uses for my bacon soda. Cova 19 has changed the world. But we can adapt to change by washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds using face masks and keeping 6 ft of social distancing Together we can adapt to a change world. Every four minutes, someone dies of a stroke. Every second counts. Think f A s t fast face, drooping arm numbness, slurred speech. Time to call 911 Protect yourselves and loved ones from the complications of a stroke. Take a bite of this vineyard. Mm. Hey, So good, baby. No. Enjoy some of this jumbo liar gumbo and shrimp to faith. Oh, Dancinto. A second line band playing on Canal Street. Oh, this is null and sugar. Nothing in the world tastes like this. Uh