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Kids voices, commander, wrote the scripts

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Child (5-12)


North American


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Oh, hi. My name is Sarah. You are the cutest dog ever. Can I pet you? Please? Do you live around here? Where is your mommy and Daddy O? Are you lost? Captain Rita Baker reporting, sir. Sit rep. Isas follows. I have my team stationed at the West End and the east end of the quadrant. No one will be able to get in or out at your command. We will make our move. This day has finally arrived. The time has come to fight. We will show them what we're made of. We will win if we stay the course. I have full belief we will prevail on this day to victory. Hey, why you picking on P J? Don't you know the long lasting psychological damage you can inflict on a kid that age? There could be repercussions for years. You don't know how deep your words, Congar. Oh, what if you wanted to be a fire chief or police or the best dad ever. But it gave it all up due to insecurities. What are you talking about anyway? I'm talking about long lasting effects of bullying. Yeah, well, you better leave. Are you going to stop bullying PJ. What's it to? Yeah, I don't want to see another promising student go down, and if you don't stop, there will be repercussions.