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My sample showcase my creativity, my personality and my ability to give life to each word. This sample also show my ability to shine using my voice to capture my audience.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Jamaican (Patois) North American (General)


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Mhm. Hey e, spread your wings. Nothing is impossible, believe me. E o E o e. Yes! Blessings off the floor, like Areva. Blessings off the floor like Areva. Blessings on the floor. Like Areva. Yes. What's up, y'all? It's a Gary Sheridan and we back at it again. Hi, My name is Cheryl Donna Wilson, and I'm the founder and owner off a small business called Shirt. Donna Designs LLC s fierce, powerful, beautiful Sheridan design is a luxury couture ready to wear an accessory lifestyle brand known for beautiful fabrication, architectural and nature inspired designs with impeccable attention to details. We empower our society by donating 1% to leukemia and lymphoma. Society provided luxury customer surveys. We build strong relationship and we give back. Get more information at w w dot Sheridan designs dot com. Or let's listen to our latest podcast called Sheridan's Diary of the Fashionista on Anchor or YouTube Or listen, tow us anywhere. Music is placed, subscribe. We entertain, educate and inspire Thank you and have an amazing day. And one more thing. Do not confuse the creator with the dreamer A dreamer only dreams but a critter She always bring her dreams into reality. Yeah, yeah e o E o