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these demos are a few of my interests from my travels and studies along the way.

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You can't fully appreciate the engineering feat that is Machu Picchu until you walk the same arduous trail that the Incas would have taken. It's a two hour trek through the Andes mountains difficult on its own, nearly impossible with giant stones on your back with their long flowing fins. Beta fish are among the most beautiful in the world. Originally from the slow moving streams of South Asia, they've become a highly sought after domestic fish, but they are unique. If you've taken one as a pet, you need to learn a few things about their preferred environment. So let's dive in. We are living through the golden age of space discovery. Just look at the number of distant planets we've identified in the last decade, over 5000, including 55 that are so similar to earth, they've been deemed potentially habitable and we're just getting started. Michael J Fox came this close to missing out on the most iconic movie of his career back to the future. He couldn't get out of his contract with family ties. So the film's director Robert Zis had to move forward with another actor midway through filming. However, Zam came back and bagged. It worked.