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Batshit Crazy In Love (Audiobook ADULT CONTENT WARNING)

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Audiobook performed and produced by ShoNuff Voice Acting to strict ACX audio standards. Please enjoy!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
I sat at the kitchen table shipping on orange juice as I check messages and replied to emails. Good morning Q sweetie said she came into the kitchen, Good morning Sleeping Beauty. I got up and walked over to the warmer. Go ahead and have a seat. I'll bring you some juice on your plate. I said it reached in the cabinet for a glass. Thank you. I was trying to stay calm but the ship LQ said had me ******, sweetie, has some explaining to do. I set a juice and played in front of her and sat back down at the table. I stared at her as she ate. She was so damn beautiful. It tore me up inside to think of her being with anyone other than myself. Why are you staring at me like that? I crossed my arms. Can you please explain to me why Il Kyu thinks that he's going to have two daddies. She shrugged her shoulders and kept eating What's up with you and Mark? Better yet? What the funk are you two doing in front of my son? Those gray eyes widened and she dropped a fork on her plate. What do you mean? There's nothing going on between me and Mark and that. There was. It's really none of your business, nah, sweetie. Don't get it twisted. You and L. Q. Are my business And what the **** you do in front of my son is definitely my business. I cross my arms and lean forward in my seat. Really sweetie. You got this ninja kissing on you and no telling what other ship in front of my son. She crossed her arms and my eyes watched as those big *** titties were pushed up from the gesture. I licked my lips and nipples pebbled. Damn! She didn't have on a bra. I had to focus. I focused my eyes up with we ain't together so who I see is irrelevant, but if you must know Mark and I are just friends and I'm helping him with that tired choir of his, that's all she said and resumed eating her food. Sweetie couldn't lie worth a ship. And her eyes told it all. I thought we were co parenting here. I said, we are Quincy, Nothing more, nothing less. She got up from the table with her dishes and walked over to the dishwasher and put them in. So what was last night then? I asked. I got up and walked over to the dishwasher when she had closed the dishwasher and turned around. I was there in her face exactly what it was last night she tried to step around me. I put a hand on each side of on the counter and blocked her escape. I moved closer to her Quincy. What are you doing? She said that she tried to back up, There was nowhere for her to go. She leaned back against the counter and I lowered my head. I put my forehead against hers and stared into her eyes. I saw anger, hurt, desire and love. I moved my head and brushed my lips against her ear as he gassed, encouraged, I planted like kisses down her jawline and kiss my way back up to her ear. Swedish body shudder and I nibbled on her ear some more. I meant what I said last night. I love you and you said you love me too, moved my head to the other side of her face and did the same thing. We were so good together, sweetie. Why can't you give us another chance? I whisper below moan escaped from her trail the path of kisses from her ear to her lips as I was getting ready to part her lips with my tongue. Il kyu came running in the kitchen, daddy, somebody on the phone named keisha wants to speak to you like you said, handed me my cell phone, sweetie pushed me against the chest and narrowed her eyes. And you got the nerve to ask why I won't give us another chance, ******* unbelievable