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Santa Claus Comes to Town (Audiobook)

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Excerpt from the Audiobook Santa Claus Comes to Town written by author N. Lichells. Performed and produced to strict Audible standards by ShoNuff Voice Acting. Audiobook performance for your consideration. Please enjoy.

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Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
cyan so I guess instead of then I ask that I looked around the mahogany conference table. All the occupants in the leather swivel chairs, nodded with smiles on their faces. The uppity ninjas I work with were quick to come up with ideas for giving back to the community but have molasses in the process when it came time to do the actual ship. Except for one thing Matthew Jones said outside and what's that? The dude was notorious for adding ship at the last minute. Mr jingling Jon Benet rolled his eyes over it as he leans back in his chair for what to manage the workshop. Matthew said what works up? I thought we were just doing pictures of santa in a jumbo slide Mark Price asked and he rubbed his hand down the side of his face. Initially we were until I mentioned what we're doing this year to luke. Matthew adjusted his black sip tie. He thought it would be a good idea to not only give each child a gift but to help them make one for someone else groans echoed the conference room luke. Banks was the chief financial officer for our brokers firm and the pain and the *** is luke going to help in the sweatshop or is he gonna toss money our way and expect us to pick up his slack as usual john asked workshop And he's willing to match the 100,000 we've raised if we can make this happen. Matthew said I tap my pen rhythmically against my legal pad. $200,000 to turn the gymnasium at the boys and girls club into the North Pole for One Saturday in December was a hard deal to pass up. 200,000 is a very attractive budget. We hadn't run out of gifts last year but came awfully close. I took them to consideration as I scribbled some figures on the paper. I lived in my head. It was greeted with three sets of hopeful eyes. We don't have enough staff to have a santa's workshop. We'll need an extra 50,000 for additional staff and supplies to pull this off. I looked at Matthew with a raised brow. He nodded and pulled out a cellphone. Let me check. Matthew tapped on the screen. ****, it shouldn't be a problem. It's not like luke wouldn't make it a tax write off for the company. His still phone vibrated and we all looked at him. Matthew smiled. We got to go ahead And he threw in an extra 10,000 for good measure. John chuckled. I guess it pays to be golf buddies with the CFO. Well that settles it this year in community outreach project. Will be one for the history books. Anything else before we adjourn? I asked. I glanced at Matthew and dared him to add anything else. What about mr jingling, I do it but I'm allergic to kids, Mark said. I looked at john and Matthew both shrugged and looked aside. Fine. I'll take care of that too. I observed the meeting and left the conference room. I'd be damned if I got stuck with another task.