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The Shogun is Lurking Mini Motion Comic

Voice Over • Animation


Rise of the Last Dragon Animated Series (Currently in Production) mini motion comic issue #1. (\"Gossiping Lady\" voice and The Shogun voice) Performed by ShoNuff Voice Acting. Written, illustrated, and mixed by WIARLAWD (We Are Loud) Productions

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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the word down around town is after being defeated by the hands of Leroy Show. No, slips off into the shadows unnoticed. The darkness of the streets is a safe haven for suckers who are stealthily inclined. And amongst these shadows lie the baddest mofo blow down around this time. Everybody knows show. Who's the ah yeah. How how is it possible that chomp, get the drop on me and that yellow glow? I thought it was a mess. Mm hmm. Khaki is said to be the most powerful. How did I short out? What the **** happened? I should've drowned that sucker when I had the chance. This ain't over by a long shot Leroy. I'm gonna see to that soon. Everyone will know the shogun is the master. Yeah, that's it. I gotta go see gum show. Mm hmm. I gotta get to the bottom of this mumbo jumbo to be continued Rise of the last track, The animated series coming soon.