True Crime Video Narration Demo (Male African American)

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True crime video narration about executed criminal Ronald Clark O'Bryan.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (US General American - GenAM) US African American


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This is the man who killed Halloween, Ronald Clark o'brien was infamously known as the candy man after resorting to a diabolical killing method that put fear into trick or treater. Lovers of 1974. O'brien was a middle class family man with a wife and two Children from the suburbs of deer Park, Texas. After accumulating over $100,000 in depth desperation would turn sinister on the night o'brien took his Children trick or treating the o'brien family was accompanied by the family of Jim Bates. That evening after the Children received no response from one of the houses o'brien trailed from behind the group with five giant pixie sticks claiming that the house the group went to prior gave them to him. Later that evening. O'brien permitted the Children to eat one piece of candy before bed. Timothy o'brien was the only child who ate the pixie stick within seconds. Timothy knew something was very wrong. A bitter taste was the first of many so followed by a crying out of stomach pains. Timothy was experiencing the final moments of his short-lived innocent life with gruesome body convulsions and acidic vomiting when suddenly his body went limp. Timothy died on his way to the hospital that night. His autopsy would later confirm that there was enough potassium cyanide poisoning in his system to kill three grown men. Investigators traced the overwhelming evidence of the poison. Pixie sticks back to a pocket knife literally with candy residue in Ronald's home. More disturbing evidence also revealed o'brien's twisted motive which involved a detailed life insurance policy scheme involving both of o'brien's Children. On March 31st, 1984 Ronald o'brien was executed at the Texas State penitentiary at Huntsville through lethal injection. His infamous heinous killing of his own son has proven him to be the only real monster to have haunted an innocent holiday.