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South Rian Museum, Salisbury, Rhodesia, South Africa, January the 12th, 1911. Dear Mr Choudary, I'm writing this letter to fulfill my promise to you to let you know what I thought about your report of a strange three toed monster in the wilds of the Richters Mountains, all looking of my files. I find other similar accounts by explorers who had been to the region before you, especially by Sir Robert MC, the famous naturalist whose report has not yet been published, going to his sudden and untimely death last year on thinking the matter over, I am inclined to believe that the monster you saw was nothing more than a species of anthropoid ape closely related to the gorilla, but much bigger in size and more savage than the specimens found in ruso and via mountains. This species is becoming rarer and rarer every day. And such numbers as two exist are not easily to be got at on account of their shyness and the habit of hiding themselves in the depth of the high altitude rainforest of Richter swelt. It is only the very fortunate traveler who gets glimpses of them. And I should think that in meeting them. He runs risks proportionate to his good luck. Congratulating you on both your luck and pluck. I remain your sincerely, JG Fitzgerald.